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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Things people never seem to get about Rush Limbaugh.

Thing one, he doesn't care. Really, his schtick is entertain his fans. He's always been in this to make money and get a chance to abuse as much Viagra as possible.

Thing two, all of this kind of right wing talk radio is based on vehemently responding to an argument no one is really making, or even better an argument that one particular idiot did actually make. For example.

You say "gee I think veal is cruel to animals" I immediately start in on PETA, Pamela Anderson, KFC, idiots that firebomb McDonalds and throw blood at people. Now, if you and I are having a conversation you have a chance to get things back on track. But on my radio show that ain't happening.

Bonus third thing. The man is a fantastic "DJ" or old school talking head entertaining to listen to blowhard. Give him some credit, listen to him some time for a few minutes.

There's little hope for society if people are going to derive their worldview from someone like Mr. Limbaugh anyway, so don't get too stressed about that. In fact even if you bother to refute all his bullshit and show him up for being an entertainer, the people who actually came to believe things simply because he said them would likely move to believe something else equally stupid.


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